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Do you have a passion for teaching? Would you like to help someone from across the globe unlock a new world of opportunities? Sign up to tutor on Cambly today!
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Tutoring with Cambly is awesome, here are some reasons why...

Why Tutor for Cambly?

‘Travel’ from your home

Cambly's students are from all across the globe. You might chat with a university student from Brazil, a marketing professional from Japan, and an English enthusiast from Turkey all in one day. Many of our tutors are amazed by how much they learn about other cultures and places!

Make a Global Impact

Practicing and mastering the English language can unlock new opportunities for students all over the world to earn more and to put them on the path to pursue their dreams! As a tutor, you can help them from the comfort of your dinner table!

Get paid weekly

You can start tutoring at any time of the day based on your own personal schedule. Work as little or as much as you want with no commute costs and no minimum hours! Like to travel? Many of our tutors are still able to earn with us while on vacation!

Tutor anytime, anywhere

Our tutors receive their payments weekly via Paypal. Because there are no required hours, many of our tutors have used Cambly to supplement their income as it is easy to fit your tutoring hours around other jobs!

No Experience Required

We welcome tutors who have no prior experience and have a willingness to work with students as they learn the English language! And don't worry, we'll give you the support that you need to ensure that as a tutor, you'll be able to properly address your students' needs.

No Preparation Needed

No lesson planning, homework assignment, or homework correction! As a tutor, you get to direct your energy to the students rather than paperwork. This gives you time to bond with your students while honing and developing your own tutoring skills.
Illustration of Cam, the Cambly mascot.
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Hear It From The Tutors!
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"When I started, I was a recent graduate just looking for something I could do to earn money that I could fit around my family. Now, I'm at the start of beginning my CELTA certificate with a view to becoming an IELTS examiner. Cambly has helped me uncover a love for English language teaching and opened up so many possibilities for me. I have so much more awareness of the world now!"
— Louisa
James's Headshot
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"After the trauma of losing my career of 20 plus years due to the pandemic I have found a new lease on life and proved to myself I can do something new, exciting and very different at my age. I love the appreciation I receive from the students. I consider a great many to be dear friends now. I enjoy learning as I teach and reconnecting with many places around the world"
— James
Brian's Headshot
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"I am very proud to tutor on Cambly. It's been almost 3 years and Cambly is the best job I have ever had. The platform, students, and Cambly support team are awesome and even though I have taught on other platforms before, they just don't compare. Cambly is such a friendly and productive platform and I truly don't wish to be anywhere else!"
— Brian
Charlotte's Headshot
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"I work part-time with Cambly and absolutely love it! The platform is user friendly and the students are amazing! The best part about working on Cambly is watching students grow in confidence when speaking English. The very best is when a beginner student, who at first could hardly say hello, cracks their first joke, and we both fall apart with laughter!"
— Charlotte

Steps to apply

Sign up for an account

Click the "Get Started" button and sign up for a Cambly account.

Application Form

Complete a short application form that takes about 10 to 15 minutes!

Review & Approval

Our team will review and approved tutors will be notified via email!
Illustration of Cam, the Cambly mascot.
We have students in
190+ countries!

Who are Cambly's Students?

Cambly has students from almost every country in the world (over 190+)! You can chat with a doctor from Brazil, a student from Japan, and a pilot from Turkey all in the same hour! Through our students, we learn a little more about other cultures and about ourselves everyday!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay and how am I paid on Cambly?
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We pay $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour) for Cambly and $0.20 USD per minute ($12.00) for Cambly Kids. We process payments every Monday via PayPal (by end of business day PST).
What's the difference between Cambly and Cambly Kids?
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Cambly is a platform primarily geared toward adults that allows students to learn and practice speaking English by chatting with native English speakers. It pays $0.17 for every minute you chat ($10.20/hour).

Cambly Kids is a platform geared toward children aged 4-15. Like Cambly, Cambly Kids allows students to learn and practice speaking English with a native English speaker. It pays $0.20 for every minute you chat ($12.00/hour).
Does Cambly use any other forms of payment besides PayPal? What if I don’t have PayPal in my country?
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Currently, Cambly only offers PayPal. Tutors in countries where PayPal is banned have either created PayPal accounts in countries where PayPal isn't banned or given us the PayPal information of trusted friends and/or relatives. That may be an option for you too.
What do I do if I forget my password?
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You can reset your password by following the steps below:

1) Go to the Password Reset page.
2) Enter your Cambly login email and click "Reset Password."
3) An email will be sent to your inbox with a reset link.
Do I need to complete my profile all at once?
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No. You can start filling it out, and as long as you save your changes everything will be there whenever you are ready to finish!
Can I chat to students without video?
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No, Cambly does not offer services to chat without video because seeing the tutor's mouth movement and facial express is vital to the student's English learning experience. All tutors are asked to have their cameras on at all times while tutoring on Cambly!
Can I tutor if I don't live in the USA?
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Yes! We welcome all native English speakers around the globe and our tutors are currently living in many different places around the world :)
Why won’t it let me submit my profile?
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Please make sure that all sections have been completed: 

  • Pass the connection test
  • Complete all information (if any is left empty it won’t let you submit) 
  • Record your 1-3 minute introduction video
Do you have any tips for the application?
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What if my question is not listed here?
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For more information about Cambly, please visit our help center by accessing this link:

Cambly Help Center